VXR Badge Set Chrome & Red Plus Keyring Rear Tailgate Grill Vauxhall Opel


VXR Chrome Badge & Keyring Set with Red Detail

The badges are chrome finished ABS plastic with painted detail, adhesive backing and includes surface preparation wipes. The universal grill mount includes a badge mounting plate, two bolts and a retaining plate. The keyring is solid metal with flexible double link and strong flat loop.


Each badge is 85x30mm


Please read these instructions carefully before installing. Failing to do so may result in the badge failing to bond as intended.

Good surface preparation is the key to a successful installation. Ensuring that the surface is properly prepared is the responsibility of the installer.

To install the grill badge, the mount needs to first be attached to your grill. Insert the two screws into the mount and thread them through the grill. Next put the backing plate on the bolts and tighten the two nuts to secure in place. The badge is now ready to apply to the mount.

Ensure surface is free from road dirt and is completely dry. We suggest applying a badge when the temperature is above 15°C, if the temperature is lower, you can gently heat the surface from a distance using a hair dryer.

Using a circular motion, thoroughly clean the surface with the enclosed surface preparation wipe for about 20 seconds, you may see the remaining dirt which was on the panel transfer onto the wipe.

If the surface has had waxes or silicon based products applied, further preparation will be required, we recommend using "spirit wipe" (not white spirit, this will make the surface greasy) or 99.9% isopropyl alcohol. If there are traces of wax or silicon between the badge and surface, it will not fully bond.

Wait about 1 minute or until the solvent has fully evaporated and the surface is dry.

Remove the wax film from the back of the badge, position it onto the surface and firmly press all over for 10 seconds.

GTIN 5060446684849
Product Code AD-GJ7
Brand Autodily
Condition New

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